our facility

There's been LOTS happening at Dogz over the past several years! With the agility club More Dogz making our facility their home in 2013, we redesigned the layout of the facility to allow for expansion. We now have four fully equipped and AAC approved agility rings! Two are 100'x150', and the other two are 100'x120' - two of which are fully lit for evening classes and events. Our fifth agility ring is equipped for puppies and beginners, and lights have been added to extend our lesson times! With the addition of these rings we've expanded our parking areas, which are all located close to the training rings. We also have a beautiful 20' x 30' pavilion, generously donated by Warren and Eileen French! Now our event crews have lots of room to spread out, and lights to work under for our evening events!

We also share our facility with The Ottawa Valley Border Collie Club, who moved to Dogz in 2015. They offer lessons tailored to border collies as well as run AAC trials in the summer. Check out their OVBCC website for more information on their club.

We have also added obedience, rally obedience and lure coursing to our list of sports! For obedience we have a 90'x100' equipped ring for classes and fun matches to be held throughout the outdoor season, and we'll be using the playground for lure coursing in the spring and fall.!

In addition to our training rings, we have a 1 acre fenced playground where you can let your dog run off leash before or after your class. It's a great way for them to work off some of their boundless energy. We also have 10 fenced acres of groomed walking trails where you can take your dog for a leisurely on-leash walk.

If you're looking for a place to hold your own dog event - from a dog party in our playground to your own fun match or trial - send us an email. We'd love to play host!

Our facility is open from May through October, and we are located at 3859 Carling Avenue - near Herzberg Road in Nepean, Ontario. All our equipment is safe, regulation quality, with all contacts rubberized and fully adjustable so new dogs and puppies are introduced to obstacles at their simplest levels to help build confidence and make learning easier. Feel free to drop by during the outdoor season to have a look around or watch a lesson or event! To keep everyone safe, all dogs must be leashed outside of the training rings and playground.

Here's an aerial view of what our facility looks like. Feel free to come and check it out!