meet the team

Sue Purcell - Owner

Sue has been doing agility since the mid 1980's when it first came to Canada. She was fortunate enough to belong to All Dogs Sports Club when it's owner Art Newman started the country's first agility classes! Her dog Bear - a Malamute / Shepherd mix - was quite the handful but immediately loved the physical and mental challenge it provided.

It wasn't long before Sue was organizing demos at local festivals and events so that the new agility students had a chance to run their dogs somewhere outside of class, as there were only 2 trials a year! It was a lot of fun doing demos at places like the Perth Maple Festival, Newbridge picnics as well as the ever popular horse/dog relay at the Equestrian Park.

Sue took a few years hiatus from agility when Bear retired, but she jumped back into it again full force in 1999 by helping a friend with her classes, then helping a local agility club for a year as head trainer. That time cemented the idea of having her own dog club one day, so she left high tech and wrote a proposal for the NCC to lease one of their farm properties. As soon as it was accepted, she sold her house in the country and moved her horse and 4 dogs to the farm on Carling Avenue on Boxing Day 2003. That was the beginning of Dogz Canine Sports Centre!

Sue continues to teach and compete in agility with her Border Collie Summit, as well as her friends Border Collies Ben and Tay. She also does obedience, rally obedience and sport scent detection with her other rescue dogs Ellie, Sarah, Murphy and Teddy.

Magda Widlak - Agility Instructor

Magda began her adventure with agility in 1997 after adopting a very energetic 2yo lab mix, Jpeg. Jpeg turned out to be a very challenging dog which prompted Magda to take a serious look at dog training, with the focus on positive only methods. They started with tricks, obedience and tracking, until they discovered agility which they both quickly fell in love with.

In 2002 she started teaching agility classes. Her main focus has always been on keeping her classes fun, safe and positive. She is committed to helping her students deepen their canine/human bond and understanding, as well as master technical skills on the agility field. She does not believe in a “one size fits all” type of training, but loves the challenge of finding solutions that will work for individual teams.

With her educational background in science and teaching, Magda has a strong interest in technical aspects of agility training, and seeks to understand the mechanics and the theory behind various training methods and handling techniques in addition to safety, canine conditioning and injury prevention. She is dedicated to keeping her own education current by attending conferences, seminars and taking classes (online or in person) with some of the world top agility handlers as well as other experts in the field of dog training and behaviourism.

Magda shares her home with her husband and daughter, as well as three active dogs - a border collie and two Australian shepherds. While agility is their main love, they also enjoy dock diving and frisbee, and have tried their hand at sheep herding, sledding, scenting and ratting. Magda has also been involved in dog rescue work and will always have a soft spot for “dogs with a past”.

Tania Calverley - Agility Instructor

Tania lives with her boy Burley, his tri-pawd littermate sister Babette, and of course husband Tom! Agility is the name of the game for Burley. They started taking classes in 2016 as a way to blow off some of his physical and mental energy and quickly got hooked! They set foot in the competitive ring in September 2016 and haven't looked back. With each milestone reached together, their technique and communication improved and they are now working toward their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tania started teaching agility in 2019, which has given her even more reason to love the sport. Every dog and handler is different, and helping foster the bond between dog and handler is what drives her as an instructor.

Lynda Graveline - Agility Instructor

Lynda fell in love with the sport of agility in 2010 while looking for something fun to do with her high energy dog, and she has been hooked ever since! After years of teaching riding lessons and riding/training young horses to prepare them for the hunter/jumper ring, the world of dog sports slowly took over instead. She currently competes in both agility and obedience with her Australian cattle dog mix Bentley and her young border collie Nikon. They also dabble in some other sports from time to time such as dock diving, rally, scent detection, herding, dog sledding and lure coursing.

Lynda has also fostered many dogs of varied breeds over the past 6 years, which has given her the chance to train and experience their diverse personalities. In her spare time Lynda also does professional pet photography!

Marie Nadeau - Obedience Instructor

Marie has been involved in the dog sport world since 1986 when she began competing in obedience with her first golden retriever. Her love of obedience led her to start as an assistant trainer in 1990 and is now a teacher for all levels of obedience from Novice through to Utility. With over 20 years experience in teaching, Marie has learned a wide variety of training methods, incorporating positive reinforcement, fun and enthusiasm into her classes.

She has obtained obedience trial championships with the majority of her dogs, and has also earned titles in CKC and CARO rally, obedience, hunt test, scent detection, agility and conformation. She's currently trialing Zoe and Kenya in obedience and many other sports, as well as doing pet therapy with Zoe.