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Dogz is a dog sport training facility situated on a beautiful 29-acre NCC farm at 3859 Carling Avenue near Herzberg, in Nepean, Ontario.

We offer Lessons in Agility, from puppy through to Masters level, as well as lessons in Treibball - a fun new urban ball herding sport in Canada. In addition to classes, you can take advantage of our Green Fees program during the outdoor season - whether you're a Dogz student, or a student somewhere else - so you can come out and practice your sport on your own time.

We also run agility fun matches and AAC trials from May through October so you can do everyting from practice running courses in a trial environment, to competing for ribbons and titles!  Both our matches and trials offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that allow you to enjoy running your dog and socialize with friends - the best way to spend your time doing agility.

We even have a one acre fenced off-leash play area so your dog can burn off some energy before or after your lesson.

Dogz offers exceptional instruction that promotes positive training, and a facility that encourages a social atmosphere. Drop by and watch a lesson sometime - we'd love to see you!


    If you've ever wanted to try agility, here's your chance! Come for a free one hour lesson where your dog can try out some of the equipment. Details are on the Classes page.
FEB 2016
  • AAC Agility Trials
    There will be 2 Masters trials - May 29th & September 4th - and a Starters/Advanced trial on July 10th. Premiums are posted on the Events page.
  • Regional/National/Masters Practice Runs
    Here's a chance to practice regional level courses, whether you are entering the AAC Regionals this year, or just want to work your dog at this level. These runs are on Tuesday nights starting May 3rd.
  • Agility Fun Matches
    Here's a chance to practice running full or partial courses at Starters, Advanced and Masters levels in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  There is a match once a month starting in May.  More details on the Events page...

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